Project Information

feuer.zeug is aiming to produce feminist porn that shows sex in realistic settings. The first film RETOUR takes the classical porn motive of meeting someone while hitchhiking but turns it around and interprets it in a new way. The second film SIDES OF A LAKE is dedicated to the topic of masturbation. W albeit do not only want to produce fair and feminist pornography, we are also aiming for a broader public discussion on the representation of sexualities. Hence, we are organizing talks and discussions evenings to bring the topic of pornography also into the public sphere.


We have produced two films so far, RETOUR and SIDES OF A LAKE. To get more impressions, head over to the films section.


Our films are shot in German, but they have been subtitled in English. You can stream the subtitled version of SIDES OF A LAKE via


Our films are also screened at differents events like Pornfilmfestivals or discussion-evenings. The festivals all over the world mostly show all films with English subtitles .